How it works

The LouseBusterTM device provides South Africa with a revolutionary new way in the fight against lice. Developed in the USA, based on breakthrough research done by parasitologist Dr Dale Clayton and university students in Utah, they found that this device not only killed over 95% of the lice but over 99% of the nits as well, making the treatment a highly efficient method of combating lice.

The treatment is performed on clean dry hair. Please make sure that your child’s hair is brushed out and free of any hair products before the treatment commences.

The treatment with the LouseBusterTM Machine normally takes 30 minutes where a trained and certified operator will carefully work through the hair using the unique applicator tip which directs and concentrates the airflow close to the scalp where the lice and nits are located.

The treatment is followed by a comb out to remove the dead lice and nits and to abide by schools' "no nit" policies. The comb out can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Post Treatment

To reduce your chances of re-infestation we recommend that the following measurements are taken after treatment.

It is recommended that you check all family members for signs of head lice for at least 10 to 15 days after treatment as it is very common for close friends and family to also be infected.

  • Examine the head in a well-lit area,
  • Carefully check the scalp, behind the ears and the nape of the neck,
  • Avoid head to head contact with anyone that has lice,
  • Inform your child’s school that your child was infected,
  • Insist on screening at the school.

The following measures should be taken at home

  • Vacuum the carpets, car seats and furniture including mattresses
  • Wash bedding towels and clothing in very hot water
  • Throw pillows, stuffed animals etc. into your tumble dryer at the highest heat for at least 20 minutes or seal in plastic bags for over 48 Boil hair ties and brushes for 10-20 minutes or freeze them in a plastic bag overnight.

Our Services

We Are Mobile!

Call us to arrange for one of our mobile units to come to you.

  • Discreet
  • Quick & Easy
  • Convenient

School Services

Let us team up with your school!

  • Lice infestation notification letters
  • Re-infestation training & prevention
  • We will partner with schools to avoid outbreaks


The Lice Crew will educate you on methods that can be taken to prevent possible future re-infestation.

  • Easy ways to stop re-infestation
  • Symptom check list
  • Provide Lice Eduation

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A single treatment of 30 minutes is all that it takes to kill all stages of head lice.

The treatment is followed by a comb-out to remove most of the dead lice and nits.
Depending on the thickness of the hair and extent of infestation this can take between 20 minutes and an hour.

Time taken off school is eliminated as your child can return to school right after treatment.



The Lice Crew’s professional head lice and nit removal service is mobile making us the convenient answer to your troubles.
Areas of operation

  • Roodepoort
  • Krugersdorp
  • Fairlands & Northcliff
  • Northriding & Honeydew
  • Fourways, Lonehill & Bryanston
  • Glenvista & Mulbarton
Other areas by arrangement.



The LouseBusterTM device uses only controlled heated air – no chemicals are used!

For hygienic issues and to eliminate the chance of cross contamination a single use applicator tip is used. As the LouseBusterTM device is a class 1 FDA cleared medical device, the FDA requires it be single use only.

The device is only used by LouseBusterTM Certified Operators.



Clinical studies have proved that theLouseBusterTM device kills or removes more than 95% of head lice and nits in one treatment and overall more than 95% of the nits on people were dead following treatment with the LouseBusterTM device.

The LouseBusterTM treatment is so effective on lice nits that it eliminates the need to comb out every single one or to repeat the entire process only a week later!

One single treatment is all that is needed!


Call us to arrange an appointment. We are mobile, and will come to you.


082 774 1849



Professional Head Lice Treatments & Nit Removal

The treatment is

  • Painless
  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe
  • Does not cause damage to the hair
  • Effective on all stages of head lice infestations
  • Only one treatment is required
  • Treatment is discreet
  • We will provide you with a lice free certificate upon completion

Help! Does My Child Have Lice?

Look Out For The Following Symptoms:

  • Normally head lice cause the scalp to itch. This is caused by an allergy to the lice and not because the lice are biting the scalp
  • Nits (eggs) are normally found on the hair behind the ears or near the neckline
  • Symptoms include a tickling sensation
  • It’s easier to spot the nits than the lice. The nits are normally found about 6mm from the scalp on the hair
  • The nits will feel sandy/grainy and cling very tightly to the hair strands when you run your fingers through the hair

Contact us if you are still not sure!